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SKIN Treatments


Whether you want a quick pick-me-up, or an in-depth skin treatment, Dermalogica's professional skin treatments are completely tailored to your skin's needs.


A professional, in-depth skin analysis based on your skin and lifestyle. Our skin experts will show you how to achieve your healthiest skin and address any concerns. You'll also receive a personalized Skin Fitness Plan with customizes product recommendations and samples. FACEFIT $20



A quick and effective service featuring our innovative products for flawless sin in a hurry. Ideal for special events, seasonal skin maintenance or a quick pick-me-up.

PROSKIN 30  $50

ProSkin 30 is a personalized treatment, based on your complimentary Face Mapping Skin Analysis. Let our experts design this 30-minute treatment specifically for you and your skin concerns. It is our customized treatment, on your time.


PROSKIN 60  $70

The ultimate treatment, different every time. Customized, sensorial treatment featuring advanced products, techniques and technologies. This extensive treatment takes you on a relaxing journey to your healthiest-looking skin.

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